What the heck is Custom Made attire?

How are custom suits made? What makes a suit custom?

A well-dressed person understands the importance of clothing that fits like a glove and the

benefits of custom made clothing. What is CUSTOM? It’s often associated with some or

most of the points we will describe below. Often the word ‘custom’ simply mean tailored to

fit each person’s unique body and frame.

For shirts, a custom fitting process involves selecting the type of collar, cuffs and fit style of

the shirt. Customers can choose from a French cuff that requires cuff-links to a cut corner or

rounded cuff. Collars range from button down to deep cutaways – everything that can make

a shirt truly one of a kind, where even the buttons can be handmade. And, shirts come in a

wide range of vibrant colours and patterns.

The tailors for custom suit shops are true professionals who know how to create one-of-a-

kind clothing that will make men look and feel their very best. No detail is left out for the


Another point worth mentioning is that most suiting shops target business professionals who

are looking for suits and professional attire to meet their everyday needs.

Options, Options, Options

These are most often some of the options and promises made by the suiting shops.

 The promises: Compliments Guaranteed, Free Consultation, Satisfaction


 A perfect fit guarantee for custom suits and shirts when measured in person

 Complimentary style consultation with an advisor or designer

 Wide Choice of fabrics from basic and plain to luxurious, the finest designs

 Choice of fused, half-canvas or canvas construction for comfortable feeling and

longer wear.

 Vast options for customization for custom tailored clothing.

 You are often provided a garment with a choice of a personal monogram: full name,

initials, or any other custom message, i.e. “Bespoke made for Mr. Important”

All of the above are available at Suit-n-Tie, and we are proud to do it in the most cost-effective way.

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