Off The Rack or Custom Made?

Alternatives to the in-store experience

You can often have a better experience, save time, and often money, but skipping

the mainstream chains and going to a smaller operators who often do their business

in a mobile fashion or out of their residence. Here are some of the options and


Measuring Options

Most store offer this as an add-on service. It's also relatively easy to take your own

measurements. Just follow the instructions and you will get a perfect fit. You can

also have a friend take your measurements or double check them for you for



The stores will charge you the full amount upfront, prior to ordering your items

oversees. They may or may not guarantee alterations up to a certain amount, and

may or may not dry clean the suit that is shipped to you directly (and may arrive

crammed in a small box). Small operators provide you with flexible payment options,

and are often satisfied with a 50% deposit, with the rest to be provided on receipt.

They will dry clean and press your garments before delivering them to you, and

ensure the fit. If any alterations are required, they often provide that at NO cost to

the client, up to a reasonable amount, of course.

Delivery / Shipping

Oversees tailors will create your unique garment and ship it to the store after 3-4

weeks. The bigger stores promise that the order will be delivered to your doorstep.

Again, it may be faster, but if the fit is not perfect, or the item needs dry cleaning, you

are on your own, and often need multiple trips to the store or the dry cleaning /

alterations place. With the smaller operators, this is taken care of, and the service is

as bespoke as the product. Anything from alternations to pressing or dry cleaning is

taken care of, and your schedule and availability is taken into consideration.

What can be made custom?

Smaller specialized tailoring shops offer more variety than in-store tailoring with the option of purchasing jackets and trousers separately, as well as adding a matching waistcoat. The suit is tailored from scratch from your choice of fabric, style and finishes. You can place an order online or in-store, where a sales associates can assist throughout the process. If you design your piece in one of the suiting stores, it’s possible to include size adjustments, such as sleeve length, ensuring a perfect fit when your new suit arrives.

Happy shopping!

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