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Updated: Oct 18, 2019

The Collar Gap

Let’s start at the very top of your jacket. Collar gapping describes the way the back collar of your suit jacket or a blazer can pull up and away from your shirt, usually on one side of your neck. The particularly frustrating aspect of it is that the cause is not easily found. It can be experienced with jackets that are quite roomy, and jackets that are very fitted. It has been reported to happen if the collar of a jacket is too large for your neck, but the fact that it mostly shows up on only one side of the neck suggests a different cause, perhaps having one shoulder that is lower or wider than the other.

Some men find it happens on every single ready-to-wear jacket they try on, which makes especially frustrating; in this case,a custom garment may be the only solutions to address the issue. It may also be possible to cheat the collar gap by having a tailor lower the top button slightly if the gap is on the right side of your neck; this will pull that side of the jacket down a bit more when you close it, pressing the collar closer to your shirt. As an extreme measure with a gapping jacket you don’t want to get rid of, you could even safety-pin your shirt collar to the area under your jacket collar, provided you never take your jacket off during the day and have someone to help you with the pinning.

A custom suit can solve this issue, especially for a non-typical body type. Try it out!

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