A Garment’s Journey

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

"Nothing is more personal than your clothes. They are the only things that touch your skin and body all day long, all your life." – by Geoffrey Small.

It’s a deeply personal decision when we buy a piece of clothing, online or in store. We look, touch, feel, visualize ourselves wearing it, ask ourselves “ what image will I project”… and the list goes on. However, do we ever wonder, where does this piece come from? Unlikely…

Buying garments has become an experience highly removed from its making. In the past, we were so connected to our roots, that we could actually observe the lifecycle of the garment production. Perhaps it’s our family sheep turning into wool, woven into a fabric that later becomes our garment. Or, a neighbor’s cattle that ends up as leather boots at the market. Or a cotton plantation we work at turning into those functional undergarments. These days we are lucky to know what a piece of clothing is made of.

Another element of the garment is its design. Selecting textiles, threads, finishes and buttons is the job of a stranger behind the closed walls. We delegate those decisions to someone who we deem a professional, an expert, perhaps even a celebrity. They get paid for doing it. We buy their work.

But what if we could bring one of these aspects back to our lives? What if we could participate in how our garment is made? What if we could choose the fabric, a wild print that no store dares to carry? What if we could design our own finished garment, with the lining, the thread and the buttons WE like? What would it feel like to be your own designer, to own this process, to see your vision come to life, and to wear it with pride?

It is a growing trend nowadays to do just that. And you don’t need to know how to turn your measurements into a pattern, or how to sow. The hard parts are done for you. And you get to benefit from the end results by showcasing your own creation made for you, by you, and with your personalized style in the forefront. Companies like Suit-n-Tie exist to provide their customers with the experience of being their own designer for formal wear. They empower you to envision, design and create, and take the hard work out of it by collecting your measurements, making the patterns and the garments and delivering you the final product for your pride and joy.

In conclusion, you may not be able to see your garment’s full journey from start to finish, but you CAN own the design portion of its lifecycle. You CAN walk in a designer’s shoes and experience what it’s like to put your vision, your creativity and your uniqueness into a truly personal piece of clothing that hugs your body all day long.

Start your designer experience HERE.

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