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Why Suit-n-Tie?



We're different. We care. We don't fit you into a size. We record your measurements to create a unique canvas pattern of your garments, just for you, no matter what size you are. That's why it
You select textiles, lining, buttons, and trims!
Unique One-of-a-Kind design, just how you like it!
Suits to make you stand out - guaranteed!
Established in 2014, we offer cutting edge
design and outstanding  
workmanship, tailored to perfection.


Contact us to schedule a consultation,
we look forward to serving you.
Learn about our unique design process
Finest Cloth
First-rate fabrics & highest
quality materials
Top Styles
Achieving the perfect fit
 All Special Events
Weddings, corporate wear,
prom, tux & more
Super Service
Your body is unique!
Measuring it is an art.
Your Suit is 1 of a kind.